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The COSTIN is committed to delivering a high quality of service in all facets of the construction industry process.

Efficient and effective professional management has been the core of their success with clients last 7 years and the basis for their impressive and commendable track record.

COSTIN provides a wide variety of services to the construction and property industry including:

Cost Planning and Estimating

+ Bills of Quantities and other procurement documentation

+ Tender documentation, appraisal, interviews, reporting


+ Expenditure Forecasting

+ Financial Reporting

+ Development of Cost Management Procedures

+ Claims Analysis

+ Contract Administration including interim payment

+ valuation certificates


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+ Construction Cost Management

+ Measurement and settlement of final accounts

+ Life Cycle Costing Analysis

Project Management

+ Client Representative

+ Development Management

+ Risk Management

+ Contractual Advice

+ Programming

+ Earned Value Analysis

+ Development of Project Delivery Strategies

+ Preparation of Tender Documentation

Real Estate

+ Property Advisory

Tax Depreciation


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Chartered Quantity Surveyors, helping clients make the most from their investment and expenditure in construction properties and their depreciation.




Registered Agent in Tax Practitioners Board

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